Grandpa took many photographs during his two years. After his return, he created two picture albums, together holding more than 120 annotated and dated photographs and postcards.

In the main the pictures are in chronological order - but not all! Nor do they necessarilly have a corrolation with his journal.

The quality of photographs vary, some being poor, some in remarkably good condition. However they are near 100 years old and they are what they are! Given the equipment and resources available at that time, it is quite amazing they are still viewable.

They have been divided into four PDF files. We suggest you just browse as you see fit. They may take a little time to download.

Photographs that didn't get included can be seen in the gallery.
Journey out to and in Mesapotamia. Gibraltar, Bombay, Basrah, Kut, Baghdad.
Photographs in Mesopotamia. Basrah, Baghdad, Ctesiphon, Khadhimain, Babylon, Kerbela.
Photographs taken in India. Bombay, Poona, Agra.
Photographs taken in India. Fatehpur Sikri, Delhi, Jaipur, Amber, Ajmer.